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Antique Victorian Marble Sink w/ Nickle Plated Leg...
Late 1800s Reclaimed Large Plank Heart Pine Floorin...
Greatest in Show!
More Rustic Wrought Iron and Reclaimed Wooden Tables...
Black Dog Salvage's interview with WDBJ7's Bob Gre...
BARKitecture competition THIS WEEKEND 9/26 & 9/27
Antique SET of Interior Bifold French Doorways
Harrisonburg, VA Architectural Salvage
Set of two Antique Brass Chandeliers
Antique / Vintage 1920s Ladies Writing Desk
Simple Rustic Iron & Reclaimed Barn Wooden Desk
Architectural Salvage Success Story: Tom Glass
Antique Eljer Co. Round Fluted Pedestal Sink c.191...
Next Salvage Job: 714 South Foremost Street Harrisonbu...
Remarkable Remnants! Fabric obtainable at Black Do...
Easy, Rustic, Reclaimed Coffee Table
Black Canine Salvage - For https://dogstee.com/ your old house, new home,...
Custom Wood Log Ring
Large Antique Wrought Iron Panels / Gates
Completely happy Birthday Sally, the Salvage Canine!
Star City Alley Cat Race - Keirin Tradition @ Black ...
A Historical past Lesson
Antique Wrought Iron & Chestnut 'Lotus' Coffee Tab...
Vintage Trolley Door Stepback Cupboard
Old Home windows as Space Dividers through Condominium Therap...
c.1870 Antique Fireplace Mantel
'The Dot Spot' Returns to Black Dog Salvage!
Spot a Black Canine Salvage Tshirt WIN A BLACK Canine SA...

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